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Become a representative and support your local expat community. 

Being a representative of Danes Worldwide puts you in a unique position to support the relationship between the association and its members. Our representatives are visible as individuals who assist Danes locally and who in turn orient us regarding the best way to provide services to members.

Danes Worldwide’s representatives engage in a number of key activities:

  • Reaching out to new arrivals and helping them get settled; answering questions and offering local knowledge; and introducing newcomers to existing networks in the area
  • Advising members in matters related to being an expat; taking care of immediate problems; and referring when necessary to the Secretariat for further assistance
  • support and promote Danes Worldwide’s work for better rights for Danes living and working abroad as well as recruiting new members for the organization.
  • Communicating members’ needs and suggestions to the Secretariat
  • Sharing important news about the local area with members and with the Secretariat
  • Providing news and information from the local area to Danes’ newsletter,, and the Facebook page
  • Ensuring awareness of Danes Worldwide among local authorities, organizations, clubs, enterprises, and institutions through such initiatives as visiting the Danish embassy or other official representation to orient staff regarding the association and then establishing and maintaining collaboration

The Danes Worldwide Secretariat, naturally, supports the representatives’ work. We commit to:

  • Advising you when someone in your area joins Danes Worldwide so that you may reach out to him or her to extend a welcome
  • Sending you relevant materials such as brochures, posters, etc.
  • Preparing special materials you may need for your local area
  • Supporting you in establishing a productive collaboration with relevant entities such as embassies, churches, local associations, and networks such as DABGO
  • Giving you access to the Secretariat and its resources, including the expert panel
  • Keeping you informed via “News for Representatives” approximately every other month
  • Developing templates for welcome letters and the like

Be aware that you as a representative must be a member of the association.

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