Our experts

Danes Worldwide ekspertpanel

Introduction to our experts

Danes Worldwide offers the services of a number of experts who are available to offer their expertise to our members. They are knowledgeable about – and in many cases have personal experience with – the lives of expat Danes.

We selected our experts according to criteria related to their expertise and their active professional engagement (some of them are self employed). They are completely up to date with the latest developments in their fields.

Is there a fee?

Our experts offer for free an initial interview (approximately 20 minutes). In many cases, that conversation is sufficient to solve the problem at hand. In some cases, more time is required.

Consultations over and above the initial interview are paid for by the Danes Worldwide member according to an agreement between him or her and the expert. Danes Worldwide then takes no further part in the process.

Where do I start?

Send a query to jura@danes.dk. In most cases, our legal advisor is able to answer your question. If not, it is forwarded to the relevant expert.

In the case of a complex situation, the relevant expert will assess the scope of the matter and provide a quote as to the cost of handling the case. From here on, the client pays for service.

In the case of personal questions more relevant for our psychologist than for our other experts, we enccourage you to inquire with Mette Nayberg. Send an email (indicating your membership number and stating your request) to jura@danes.dk or call +45 3332 0913.

When might I expect a reply?

The scope of the matter at hand will dictate how long it takes our experts to get back to you. Most inquiries are answered within a day or three; at busy times, our experts may need up to two weeks.

Is my inquiry confidential?

All inquiries are strictly confidential among the Danes Worldwide member, the legal advisor, and the relevant expert.

That said, we believe our guidance has value for other members. For example, we could anonymously feature the situation at hand in a column in our newsletter. We will obtain in advance your express permission to use your anonymous case.