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Receive advice from experts specialized in the affairs of Danes living abroad.

Danes Worldwide ekspertpanel

Danes Worldwide offers the services of a number of experts who are available to offer their expertise to our members. They are knowledgeable about – and in many cases have personal experience with – the lives of expat Danes.
We selected our experts according to criteria related to their expertise and their active professional engagement (some of them are self employed). They are completely up to date with the latest developments in their fields.
Tax Advisor: Morten Neumann

Morten Neumann Jørgensen has 11 years of experience in counseling of people from or to Denmark as well as seconded personnel.

Lately, Morten has been focusing on counseling people in regards to international taxation, social security, pension, investments etc.

Pension Advisor: Michael Thomsen

Michael Thomsen is Chief Consultant at the tax department in Danske Bank where he primarily advises on retirement, investment and buying and selling real estate – not least for those customers who live or reside abroad or foreigners who come to Denmark.

Attorney: Michael Møller Nielsen

Michael Møller Nielsen is an attorney specializing in commercial and labor law at the Lund Elmer Sandager law firm in Copenhagen.

His work focuses on international employment law including the right of non-Danish nationals to work in Denmark. In addition, Michael advises clients in real estate and tax matters associated with moving to and from Denmark. Michael’s law degree is from the University of Copenhagen (2005).  He began his career in a labor union and has worked as an attorney since 2007.

Culture & relocation specialist: Lene Rindom

Lene Rindom is a senior consultant at MindLab Global Solutions and Aperian Global.

She provides coaching and counseling for individuals being posted abroad and for returnees as well as foreigners coming to work in Denmark. Since 1998, she has focused on assisting families and children moving to a new country in getting to know the new culture and in minimizing the culture shock and the challenges often associated with an international move. In addition, she works in the areas of cultural relations and intercultural collaboration.

Lene lives in Denmark and has traveled and worked all over the world. As the wife of an American and the mother of three adult children, she has personal experience as an expat and international parent.

Realtor: Line Friis-Olsen

Line Friis-Olsen is a trained real estate agent who has worked as a consultant in Købersmægler since June 2015.

She has 12 years of experience in the sales department at home.dk before taking up her present position at Købersmægler.

The company offers a variety of services such as displaying of homes via Skype (video conference) that can help providing the customer a better sense and feeling of the property.

Psychologist: Mette Nayberg

Mette Nayberg holds a Masters in psychology from Aarhus University. She is a senior executive in a federated group of 400 crisis counselors (Dansk Krisekorps) and an associate partner in HR7, a consulting firm.

Mette Nayberg’s work focuses on personal and professional development. She has worked as a psychologist with organizations, groups, and managers since 1992.

Mette Nayberg lived with her husband and two sons in England, Germany, and Sweden for eight years. During that time, she leveraged her knowledge of Danes Worldwide in delivering courses for soon-to-be expats on behalf of enterprises in Denmark (in collaboration with the Confederation of Danish Industry, Danske Bank, and KPMG).

Priest: Torben Elmbæk Jørgensen

Torben Elmbæk Jørgensen is a cand. theol. from the University of Aarhus.

Security Advisor: Norman Kristiansen

Partner in Guardian-Security Risk Management. 

A previous member of the Danish Army’s special forces, he has many years of experience advising Danish enterprises in matters related to security during travel and residence abroad and to repatriation of employees from high-risk areas.

Guardian-Security Risk Management offers pre-posting advice, planning, and training, emergency assistance during postings, and reintegration support for returnees. Norman Kristiansen responds to inquiries regarding security measures associated with business activities abroad.

Educational Counselor: Christiane Conradt-Eberlin

Christiane Conradt-Eberlin is an expert in the field of education. She serves as Head of Admissions at the Copenhagen International School.

From 2004 to 2011 Danes Worldwide’s educational counselor lived with her daghter and son in Poland where she worked as Director of Admissions at the American School of Warsaw, one of the largest international schools in Europe serving students from more than 50 countries.

Christiane Conradt-Eberlin has visited numerous schools in Europe and elsewhwere and is intimately familiar with the realities of attending a wide variety of schools all over the world. She is active in a large network of admissions officers at European schools.

Specialist in residential leasing: Daniel Skov

Mr. Skov is a research assistant at the Department of Law at the University of Southern Denmark where he earned his law degree in 2017.

He has worked in the area of leasing and property law for many years and is the founder of Lejehjælp.dk, an organization assisting clients with the legal aspects of rentals. He has been a legal advisor with the residential leasing tribunal in the municipality of Randers and has published a number of articles in two Danish journals focusing on residential leasing.

Daniel was a legal advisor at Danes Worldwide in 2016-17 and is now a member of its Expert Panel. He offers assistance in matters such as leasing contracts, rents, and procedures related to the renter’s use of a leased home.

Immigration and relocation counselor: Jette Heldgaard

Jette Heldgaard rejoins our Panel of Experts!
Recently repatriating from London, Jette is sharpening her immigration and relocation skills at COPENHAGEN RELOCATIONS. She is ready to answer all your questions!

Together with the team at COPENHAGEN RELOCATIONS, Jette is delighted to share her knowledge with the Danes Worldwide membership. These are the types of immigration areas of expertise:

  • Work & Residence Permit applications
  • EU Registrations
  • Family Reunification (DK and EU)
  • RUT-registrations (Register of Foreign Service Providers)
  • Recovering or retaining Danish or dual citizenship
International Management Coach: Henry Zinglersen

CEO and Partner in the MindLab Global Solutions consultancy, Henry Zinglersen focuses on international business coaching and repratriation coaching for managers and employees posted abroad and returning to Denmark and on multinational leadership coaching for international executive teams. Henry facilitates international collaboration and strategic alignment in multinational enterprises.

Henry has worked since the late 1990s with executives, groups of executives, and enterprises in over 85 countries. He was posted to Hong Kong, Dubai, the UK, and USA. Henry holds a Masters degree in economics from the Copenhagen Business School.

Family Well-being: Center for Family Development

The Center for Family Development is a non-profit NGO specialized in family relationships, mental well-being, and prevention, with a particular focus on couples’ relationships, parental collaboration after divorce, children’s well-being, and psychological vulnerability.

The center has solid experience in supporting expatriates and their families. In the center’s Competence Unit for Expatriates, they offer counseling before, during, and after an expatriation. This unit also has an emergency service ready with psychological support and psychiatric treatment if an acute need arises while living far from Denmark.

Groups for Third Culture Kids

Many children returning to Denmark after their parents’ expatriation find it difficult to adjust, both culturally and socially. They may identify with what is called Third Culture Kids; they have grown up in multiple cultures, and it can be challenging to know where ‘home’ is.

Therefore, the Center for Family Development has developed a special offer for Third Culture Kids aged 9-14 years. Here, children meet in groups in either Copenhagen or Aarhus and talk with like-minded peers about being children of multiple cultures. Children of Danes Worldwide members can participate in these groups for free.

For more information about dates and registration, visit their website.

Closed Facebook Group for Teenagers

As a special offer for older children and young people (13-29 years), the Center for Family Development has established a closed Facebook group named TCK Denmark.

Through the group, young people can share experiences of growing up in multiple cultures, and the Center invites to physical café meetings when needed.

Free Couples Phone Service

If communication as a couple becomes difficult and conflicts in the relationship become overwhelming, the Center for Family Development offers free and anonymous telephone counseling. The counselors on the phone are trained by the Center for Family Development.

For more information, visit their website to find the phone number and hours of operation.

Planning to Move Abroad?

Before you as a couple or family are expatriated, it might be a good idea to align expectations for the new life with your partner. This can be done, for example, through a couple’s check, where you and a therapist assess your common strengths and challenges.

As a member of Danes Worldwide, you receive a 10% discount on a couple’s check.

Discount on Online Conversations

The Center for Family Development offers video calls for expatriates. The calls can address the well-being of either the children, the couple, or the whole family, or there may be a need for special support in connection with psychological vulnerability.

As a member of Danes Worldwide, you receive a 10% discount on the first five video calls.

If you are moving back to Denmark, you also get a free return plan and special educational material that your children’s new Danish school can use. This can help make it easier for the children to adjust to the Danish settings.

Where do I start?

Send a query to jura@danes.dk. In most cases, our legal advisor is able to answer your question. If not, it is forwarded to the relevant expert.

In the case of a complex situation, the relevant expert will assess the scope of the matter and provide a quote as to the cost of handling the case. From here on, the client pays for service.

In the case of personal questions more relevant for our psychologist than for our other experts, we enccourage you to inquire with Mette Nayberg. Send an email (indicating your membership number and stating your request) to jura@danes.dk or call +45 3332 0913.

Is there a fee?

Our experts offer for free an initial interview (approximately 20 minutes). In many cases, that conversation is sufficient to solve the problem at hand. In some cases, more time is required.

Consultations over and above the initial interview are paid for by the Danes Worldwide member according to an agreement between him or her and the expert. Danes Worldwide then takes no further part in the process.

When might I expect a reply?

The scope of the matter at hand will dictate how long it takes our experts to get back to you. Most inquiries are answered within a day or three; at busy times, our experts may need up to two weeks.

Is my inquiry confidential?

All inquiries are strictly confidential among the Danes Worldwide member, the legal advisor, and the relevant expert.

That said, we believe our guidance has value for other members. For example, we could anonymously feature the situation at hand in a column in our newsletter. We will obtain in advance your express permission to use your anonymous case.