Culture & relocation specialist: Lene Rindom

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Lene Rindom is a senior consultant at MindLab Global Solutions and Aperian Global.

She provides coaching and counseling for individuals being posted abroad and for returnees as well as foreigners coming to work in Denmark. Since 1998, she has focused on assisting families and children moving to a new country in getting to know the new culture and in minimizing the culture shock and the challenges often associated with an international move. In addition, she works in the areas of cultural relations and intercultural collaboration.

Lene lives in Denmark and has traveled and worked all over the world. As the wife of an American and the mother of three adult children, she has personal experience as an expat and international parent.

She is author of three books and study guides used in instructional programs for children and teenagers in their way to a new country.

  • Culture and relocation specialist

    Lene Rindom

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