Specialist in residential leasing: Daniel Skov


Mr. Skov is a research assistant at the Department of Law at the University of Southern Denmark where he earned his law degree in 2017.

He has worked in the area of leasing and property law for many years and is the founder of Lejehjælp.dk, an organization assisting clients with the legal aspects of rentals. He has been a legal advisor with the residential leasing tribunal in the municipality of Randers and has published a number of articles in two Danish journals focusing on residential leasing.

Daniel was a legal advisor at Danes Worldwide in 2016-17 and is now a member of its Expert Panel. He offers assistance in matters such as leasing contracts, rents, and procedures related to the renter’s use of a leased home.

  • Rådgivning i lejeboligloven

    Daniel Skov

    How to request assistance

    Send your inquiry to jura@danes.dk. In most cases, our internal legal advisor will be able to respond; otherwise, the matter will be forwarded to the Expert Panel.