School Level Danish: Frequently Asked Questions

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What are your target groups?

The target group of School Level Danish is Danish children and teenagers aged 6-17 who attend international schools either inside or outside of Denmark. Some of our students are bilingual (because only one parent is Danish) while other students live abroad and speak Danish at home.

What is my child’s grade level?

All new students receive a complimentary Danish skill test, and their results, age and prior education are used to determine the appropriate grade level.

For non-members we can perform this test for a fee of DKK 500.

How can my child take the Graduation Certificate exam?

Grade 9 students can take the official Graduation Certificate exam in Danish by attending our annual Summer School where examinations are conducted by our teachers, and supervised by an examiner appointed by the Danish Ministry of Education.

How do you ensure the quality of instruction?

The content and aim of School Level Danish is in alignment with the Danish Ministry of Education’s official guidelines and goals for Danish education. This ensures a high instructional quality.

Who are your professional partners?

We collaborate directly with the Ministry of Education and exchange experiences with other providers of online instruction around the world.

Must my child speak Danish in order to take the online courses?

Yes. The content and instructional materials of School Level Danish are entirely in Danish without any English translations or subtitles. Because of this, your child must possess at least a basic level of skill in spoken and written Danish in order to benefit from School Level Danish.

Can we carry on with the program if we move?

Yes. Many of our students live abroad and travel from country to country with their parents. School Level Danish can be used as a focal point for students who frequently change schools, and our teaching ensures that your child’s relationship to Denmark and Danish is continuously sustained and developed. School Level Danish also helps to ensure that your child can return to (or enter) the Danish educational system if they should wish to do so.

What if we lose the documents confirming completion of the program?

We can re-issue completion documents at the following rates:

Annual program completionDKK 200DKK 400
Graduation CertificateDKK 300DKK 600

Are the course completion certificates available in engelsk?

Yes. We translate completion certificates at the following rates:

Members/NonmembersPrice in DKK. 
MembersDKK 200
NonmembersDKK 400

Any further questions to School Level Danish?

Please contact Anja Kjær and she will assist you.