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Next team start: April 8, 2024

An investment in the future

Even though your child may hear and speak Danish at home, he or she may not be capable of developing his or her vocabulary and written language skills to match the requirements of Denmark’s public school system. Should your family return to Denmark, a deficiency in Danish language skills could become a serious educational problem for your child.


How do the online courses work?

Students uses our online learning portal, where our teachers provide personalized feedback to each student.

Every Monday for 40 weeks, new assignments open up for our students to complete when it suits their schedule.

Time spent?

You should expect 1½ to 2½ hours of work per week, depending on grade level and Danish proficiency.

However, older students can expect up to three hours of work per week at times.

Which grade should you choose?

We work with the Danish language just like in the primary school, so all texts and materials are in Danish. There are no English translations or subtitles, so your child must have approximately age-appropriate spoken and written Danish to get the full benefit of the lessons.

All students are offered an online test, which we use to recommend an appropriate grade level.

Educational films about Denmark

Every school year, we produce a series of films for use in our teaching. In the films, our teachers present different aspects of Danish culture in a broad sense. For example, it could be H.C. Andersen, cycling culture, the Vikings or homelessness.

See the Danes-films here

We are deeply impressed by your online school. The professional level is really high, feedback on assignments is always qualified and useful, and the digital form of teaching works fantastically well.

Gitte, returned from New York. Mother of Anna-Ida, 15 years old

What is the price?

One term (10 weeks)DKK 2,500N/A
One term (10 weeks), 9th gradeDKK 2,700N/A
Prices school year 2023/2024

When does the school year start?

The school year begins in September and ends in June. The school year is divided into four terms of 10 weeks each. Each week, students are presented with new assignments to complete.

You can enroll your child at the start of school in September or at the start of a period during the year. If we are more than three weeks into the current term, you can only attend classes in the following period.

1st term, 10 weeksMonday, September 4, 2023
2nd term, 10 weeksMonday, November 13, 2023
3rd term, 10 weeksMonday, January 29, 2024
4th term, 10 weeksMonday, April 8, 2024
Christmas vacation is scheduled for week 52

Sommerskolen - tre børn der leger

Everything is included

– Specially developed online lessons by trained and experienced Danish teachers
– Individual feedback on all submitted assignments by the same teacher every week
– Follow-up in the event that the student fails to submit assignments
– Possiblility for personal contact and parent collaboration
– Access to the learning portal and all materials
– Free access to novels (e-books)
– Four annual “Danes-film” – educational films on various topics within Danish culture, nature and history
– Annual reading and spelling tests
– Course certificate in Danish
– Trained reading tutor and access to NOTA for students with dyslexia and other diagnosed reading disabilities

Meet Sara

Sara Jyde Nielsen studies Danish at Danes Worldwide. In this video, she shares her experience of learning Danish online while living abroad.

dreng med pc

9th grade test

If your child wants to finish 9th grade with the official final exam (FP9), it is possible at
Den Danske Sommerskole when you have followed the entire 9th grade online.
The final exam puts you in a good position for admission to a youth education program in Denmark.

How do I register?

Registration and payment is made through our webshop.
Remember, it’s possible to be enrolled in either one of the four terms despite the school years start in September.

If you have any questions, please contacts us