School Level Danish: How does it work?

Pige som laver lektier

The school year runs from the very beginning of September to the very end of June. The dates are following:

You may however sign your child up at any time during the year. Students in School Level Danish are instructed in the culture and language of Denmark in a program specifically designed for Danish children living abroad.

How much time is required?  What is the interaction with teachers?

Students in grades 0-9 do their assignments using the portal. Our teaching staff provide personal feedback to each student. Expect each child to need 1.5 to 2 hours per week according to grade and skill level. Students in the senior grades may at times expect to need up to 3 hours per week.

At the end of the school year, all students who have completed the program receive a certificate of completion. These certificates may become valuable in the event the students apply to attend university in Denmark or apply for keeping the Danish citizenship. 

Instructional materials

For each school year [grade level], we produce a number of videos for educational use. The videos are developed especially for the Danes Worldwide students and feature our teaching staff. Many of our students watch the videos with the entire family.

Watch one of our videos right here:

Skill test

We test each child thoroughly during the process of enrollment so that we may assess his or her skill level. Then, we discuss with you how to plan the school year.

Many factors play a role: Do you speak Danish or other languages at home? How much school work does your child have already? How much free time does he or she have? Does your child have limited or extensive skills in speaking Danish?

The result of the test helps us decide where to place your child in terms of instructional level.

Graduation Certificate, Danish Language, Grade 9 (FP9)

Denmark’s school system issues a Graduation Certificate to students who pass a Danish language test when they have completed grade 9. The certificate is important for those who wish to study at universities or other educational institutions in Denmark.

For many students, the test and the certificate enable further studies in Denmark. In order to take the exam, students must be enrolled in our School Level Danish program in grade 9.

In addition, students must attend Summer School during the school year in which they are enrolled in the online program at the grade 9 level. At Summer School, the School Level Danish program are geared toward the Graduation Certificate exam.

The Summer School in Denmark exam takes place in July. Students in the national school system take the exam in May. Therefore, the Ministry of Education develops a separate test for Danes Worldwide. In addition, the Ministry appoints an examiner for the test.

Questions about School Level Danish and how it works?

Please contact Anja Kjær regarding any questions or doubts and she will assist you.