Youth Membership

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Danes Worldwide is the association for International Danes. We assist the many Danes who live abroad, but also those who return home. As a member, you first and foremost get a network to other Danes abroad and at the same time contribute to us being able to continue working for better conditions for international Danes.

Our youth membership is for former or current expat Danes aged 18-26.

For expats over 26 years of age, the family membership is suggested.

A Youth Membership – What’s in it for you?

With a youth membership, you are automatically enrolled in the Young Global Danes network offering professional events, visits to companies in Denmark, and guidance with respect to your studies. In addition, you will be entitled to special discounts and several other products and services. Read on for the details:

Young Global Danes – a network for young returnees

Danes Worldwide has set up a special network for young expat Danes (age 18-26) moving (back) to Denmark to study or work. Our aim is to provide these young expats an introduction to the labor market in Denmark and to help them understand the career options made possible by their international qualifications.

Working with the Tuborg Foundation, we have arranged a series of profesional events and visits to companies. The purpose of these events is to clarify the path to and options for employment. Youth members attend at no charge.

Professional lectures and company visits

The lecture series will offer presentations on practical job search tools and on the labor market, employment rights, the workplace of the future, and similar topics.

The company visit series provides an opportunity to hear from management, view the facilities, and learn about the work being done at a number of firms in Denmark. We are keen to include as many topics and types of companies as possible and invite you to let us know of your area of interest. In addition, the network will offer social events and the opportunity for interaction with other expat Danes.

Member discounts

Discounts on hotels, car rentals and much more.

Member discounts on Online Danish courses at three levels: Danish for Beginners, Intermediate Danish and School Level Danish.


All Youth Members recieve our newsletter (in Danish) with stories, news and useful guides and information relevant to global Danes.


Opportunity to apply for housing in Jørn Utzon’s Fredensborghuse complex, as well as several residential collectives for seniors. Read more here.


We work to improve the lives of expat Danes through our advocacy activities regarding dual citizenship, voting rights, and family unification.

How much is it?

1-year membership3-year membership
DKK 240DKK 600


If you have any questions please don´t hesitate to contact us.